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3 x Davidstern
3 x Davidstern
Exodus DVD


Film adaptation of the novel (see recommendation books). Return of the Jews to Israel after World War II and the foundation of the Israeli state. The story of the birth of the nation of Israel, written with blood and tears, from the time of forbidden immigration under the British Mandate until after the successful War of Independence.

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Der Schatten der Giganten DVD

Cast a Giant Shadow

Colonel Mickey Marcus, former officer in the US army, uses the ability of the Israeli people to improvise and use what little they have to maximum advantage. He knows that so soon after the Holocaust while the memories of these horrific events in Europe are still fresh in their minds, the people will fight to the last man, as they have nowhere else to go.

The story tells the construction of the Burma Road to break Jerusalem's siege during the War of Independence in 1948. This event was crucial for the successful outcome of the War of Independence of Israel.

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Against All Odds

Israel managed to survive and to return to its ancient homeland despite the Holocaust. The militarily inferior state was able to defend its independence. In the creation and preservation of modern Israel, numerous things have occurred for which there is no logical explanation. To understand the events, veteran reporter Michael Greenspan brings together dramatic eyewitness accounts and historical commentary from scholars. Were they miracles?

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Der Spion Film

The Spy

Story of Eli Cohen from the 1960’s. He goes deep undercover inside Syria on a years-long mission to spy for the Mossad. The information he provided contributed to the success of the Six-Day-War.

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The U.S. and the Holocaust

"The USA and the Holocaust" starts with familiar aspects and then expands on them. National Socialism, the Second World War and the policy of extermination are described from a perspective that most people are not very familiar with. The moving accounts of contemporary witnesses; the fates of families and their attempts to escape the killing are combined with often unpublished or little-known film footage to create a gripping TV experience. Six-part mini-series.

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Dramatically the story covers an entire decade, the eventful years from 1935 to 1945. HOLOCAUST focuses on the tragedy and triumph of a single Jewish family, the Weiss family. Their story is told as a counterpoint to that of another fictional family, that of Erik Dorf, a Nazi aide to the notorious German Heydrich. Oscar winner Meryl plays a leading role in this authentic and harrowing series, which has been awarded 8 Emmys

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