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Browse through our lists and acquire through the mentioned articles, books and movies
lively in-depth knowledge about this special people with their unique history.



Geöffnetes Buch

Book Recommendations


Movie Recommendations

... value well-founded knowledge and historically proven facts about Israel

... want to place today's events in the larger context and understand them

... desire to get to the bottom of the causes of anti-Semitism

Davidstern grün
Davidstern grün

... wish to get to know the heart of this people

Davidstern grün
Davidstern grün

... want to know, how Jews see themselves and their country

Davidstern grün
Davidstern grün

for all those who ...

We have preserved our (and our family’s) most precious personal Israel experiences in words and will continue to do so in the future. Whether:

Historical reflections

Personal experiences and travel experiences

Herz grün
Herz grün

Through these articles, we would like to share our heart and our point of view with you.

Herz grün

Or our true family story of the dramatic rescue of two families during the Holocaust and the Second World War

... here you will find self-experienced, authentic, personal stories from us.

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