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We had the opportunity to get to know different cultures in depth during their lives. With an interest in people, the joy of discovering new things and a bit of a spirit of adventure, we took on responsibility early and have been active in various international committees.

Our goal is to help people broaden their view and thereby grow beyond themselves. With the "Arc to Israel" project, we are continuing on this path of volunteerism, which began after the 1989 revolution with the establishment and management of a Christian ministry in Romania.

In his full-time job, Harald is the head of distribution and procurist for the SCM Publishing Group, while Brigitte is the human resources director for an international software company in the Stuttgart area.
We now live in Esslingen am Neckar.



Stadtmauer Jerusalem
Galerie Hurva-Synagoge
Wüste Negev
Kamelritt in Israel beim Wüstencamp Kfar Hanokdim
Ein Gedi
Logo Arc to Israel


represents an arc, a bridge. We want to create a connection through which people can find access to Israel.

At the same time, it is a reminder of the rainbow as a sign of the eternal covenant that God has made with his people. (Genesis 9, 13: I have set my bow in the clouds, and it shall be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth).


1. In front of the "golden" wall of Jerusalem, in the light of the evening sun

2. On top of the Hurva synagogue with view over the old city of Jerusalem

3. In the Negev desert

4. At the jeep tour from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem via the "Burma Road"

5. At the waterfall Ein Gedi

6. In the desert camp Kfar Hanokdim



Therefore it became the desire of our heart to build a bridge, an “ARC”, to offer other people the possibility to experience Israel and to learn to love the people of Israel.
There are a lot of beautiful, interesting, valuable sites in Israel and many ways to discover this special country.



to hear the testimonies of the Jews who are building this land,

to get to know the stunning history of Israel,

and to see the fulfilment of God’s promises in today’s life in Israel.

to witness, based on facts and evidence, how the statements of the Bible become reality

Herz grün
Herz grün

Latest News by ARC

Brigitte is the daughter of the well-known Transylvanian historian Gernot Nussbächer, who became famous for his numerous publications in Romania and in German-speaking countries. For his life's work he was awarded the Golden Medal of Honor of the Republic of Austria, the Georg Dehio Prize of the Artists' Guild, the Appolonia Hirscher Prize of the City of Brasov and the Johannes Honterus Medal of the Forum of Germans in Transylvania.

Brigitte inherited her interest in historical backgrounds and her understanding of historical contexts from her father.

The connection to the Jewish people also existed in her family for a long time. Brigitte's grandmother hid Jews in her house during the Holocaust and was able to successfully rescue them.


The story is told in the article “Blessed is he who blesses you, Israel!

In addition to her Master of Business Administration (MBA), Brigitte Nussbächer also has a philological and historical education and has already published articles and won literary prizes in her youth.

With this talent, she wants to be a voice for Israel and at the same time continue the extraordinary and valuable legacy of her ancestors.

Her articles are published in German by Israel Heute, Christen an der Seite Israels (CSI) and the Christian Forum for Israel (CFFI), in English by Israel Today, in Romanian by BIZ Brasov and in Czech by

Israelabend Holzgerlingen


Meeting the people of Israel in their own land for the first time confronted us with two striking findings.

1. Having a closer look at the history of this young nation, it became obvious that the founding and survival of the state Israel, its rapid progresses and its achievements were rationally and humanly impossible, indicating the existence and support of a supernatural authority.

2. Watching the creativity, the brightness, the courage and the energy in so many people there, leads to the conclusion that this people have a special source of power.


The Bible speaks for more than 2000 years about a living God, who has chosen the people of Israel, who will bring them back into their land after they have been scattered and who will specially equip them.

However, suddenly seeing, observing and recognizing this with our own senses was a life changing experience for us.

No one told us about this before. The media in Europe deliver a very different picture. We realized that most of the people around us never heard of the happenings in Israel, which touched and impressed us so deeply.

Ralph in Kfar Azza
Sonnenuntergang über Jerusalem
Rothschildboulevard Tel Aviv
Platz der Geiseln

Impressions from our journey to Israel in April 2024

The wounds left by Hamas' barbaric attack have still not healed six months later. There are still 134 hostages in the hands of the terrorists, Hamas has still not been defeated. We meet people and share their stories. Because that is their greatest concern: the world must not forget ...

Spenden für Israel

Long-lasting - True to life - Loving

  • We support families of hostages, terror victims and evacuees with donations

  • We subsidize protective equipment and therapeutic treatment for traumatized IDF soldiers

  • We help evacuated women from Israel's destroyed villages who give birth to children during this time without a home

  • We organize Israel events in German-speaking countries

  • We publish articles that help put current events as well as timeless topics into context

Anyone, who wants to be a blessing to God's people in need, is most welcome to make a very valuable contribution with their donation.

"Blessed be everyone that blesses Israel ..." Numbers 24,9

Heartfelt thanks in advance!

Of course, every donor receives a donation receipt from us at the end of the year without request.

Prayer Protection Group for Israel

After the massacre from October 7, 2023 in Israel, we initiated an international Whatsapp group (in English). We pray unitedly around the clock for Israel according to Isaiah 62:6 "Upon your walls, Jerusalem, I have appointed watchmen. All day and all night they will not be silent for a moment ... until He raises up Jerusalem ⟨again⟩ and until He makes it a praise on earth!"

The content is exclusively related to the current situation in Israel and the only goal of this group is to bless, love, comfort and practically support God's chosen people Israel.
If you would like to get more information about this group or if you would like to join please contact us via email:

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