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Erleben Sie as Volk Israel
Tel Aviv Luftansicht
Haifa Zentrum
Westmauer Jerusalem

Es ist unser Herzenswunsch,

eine Verbindung „ARC“ (Bogen) zu Israel aufzubauen, um für andere Menschen, für SIE die Möglichkeit zu schaffen, dieses Land und dieses Volk kennen und lieben zu lernen. 
In diesem Sinne: Herzlich willkommen auf unserer Homepage.
Ihre Brigitte & Harald Bottesch

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Über uns


Meeting the people of Israel in their own land for the first time confronted us with two startling realizations.
Through the history of this young nation, it became obvious to us:

that the foundation and survival of the State of Israel, its rapid progress and achievements, are rationally and humanly inexplicable

and that the creativity, the brightness, the courage to live and the dynamism, that we have observed in so many people in Israel, spring from a special source of energy.

No one had told us about this land in that way before. The media in Europe give a completely different picture. We realized that many people around us had never heard of the events in Israel that touched and impressed us so deeply.

It is our heart's desire to build a connection "ARC" (arch) to Israel,
to create for other people, for YOU
the possibility to get to know and love this country and this people.

In this sense: Welcome to our homepage! Experience Israel!

Israel has a lot of famous attraction points and sights. Probably everyone has heard of the Temple Mount and the Dead Sea.

But what we have compiled for you here, are the hand-picked places that have impressed and touched us

the most during our travels over the years and that you won't find in every Israel travel guide.

the centuries-old Western Wall (Wailing Wall), which today is the holiest site of the Jews (and with which a very special promise in the Bible is associated even for non-Israelis),

as well as the extremely dynamically designed museums, which give you very lively impressions of the main historical events of the last 100 years,

Herz grün
Herz grün

With our Israel recommendations we present you places that will help you better understand, what is happening in Israel and will allow you to get closer to the essence of the Israelis.

Herz grün

and last but not least, places and people where you can still experience the pioneering spirit that transformed the once barren, desolate land into a country of thriving landscapes, innovative technologies and a strong economy in less than 100 years.

These include:


3 x Davidstern
3 x Davidstern


Hear the life stories of the people who have been building this country for over 75 years,
learn about the impressive history of this country,
see through facts and figures,
how the statements of the Bible become reality
and experience God's promises

coming true everywhere in Israel today.

Berg Arbel
See Genezareth
Wüste Negev

Pictures are often much more expressive than words. Therefore, in addition to the pictures of the recommended places, we have also compiled impressions from all over Israel for you.

Get a first overall impression and then plan your individual Israel trip.

Because only in the personal experience and in encounters with Israelis, will you learn, what has made Israel

into what you see in the pictures: the perseverance, the courage, the will to create and the innovative creativity.

If you are interested in a guided roundtrip 2024/2025, please feel free to contact us.
If there are a sufficient number of requests, we will also organize and offer Israel trips ourselves.


Browse through our media recommendations and acquire lively in-depth knowledge about this special people with their unique history

through the mentioned articles, books and movies.

... value well-founded knowledge and historically proven facts about Israel

... want to place today's events in the larger context and understand them

... desire to get to the bottom of the causes of anti-Semitism

Davidstern grün
Davidstern grün

... wish to get to know the heart of this people

Davidstern grün
Davidstern grün

... want to know, how Jews see themselves and their country

Davidstern grün
Davidstern grün

for all those who ...

Davidstern grün

Let the words of the Bible from 1 Kings 8:41-43 and

1 Kings 9:3 resonate with you and experience this very special place with open minds.

1. The Western Wall (Wailing Wall) in the Old City of Jerusalem

Davidstern grün

Here the dramatic years of origin of the modern state of Israel and the 1948 War of Independence come to life through representative individual stories.

2. The Palmach Museum in Tel Aviv

Davidstern grün

A place of rare natural beauty. Enjoy the overwhelming impressions.

3. Wadi Avdat in the north of the Negev desert

Davidstern grün

Book a visit with Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel and experience the special pioneering spirit that is charac-teristic for Israel.

4. The Arugot Farm in Judea

Davidstern grün

... takes you back in time to 2000 years ago. You will go out on the lake in a boat comparable to that of Jesus' life-time. Listen and enjoy the beautiful, timeless songs of Daniel.

5. Daniel Carmel's Worship-Boat on the Sea of Galilee

Davidstern grün

... conveys the incredible events during the 6-Day War of 1967 and the reunification of Jerusalem.

6. The Ammunition Hill Museum in northeast Jerusalem

Davidstern grün

Be amazed by the elegance and beauty of the synagogue which had been destroyed three times and which is a testimony to the Israelis' unswerving will to rebuild.

7. The Hurva Synagogue in Jerusalem

Davidstern grün

... tells the story of the settlements in the biblical heartland of Judea (West Bank)

Davidstern grün

... in the Old City of Jerusalem, you will find valuable books, maps and Judaica. With the owner, Moshe Kempinski, you will meet a man who has a special history and the ability to explain history and the Bible with a lot of love and depth.

9. In the Shorashim store, in the square in front of the Hurva Synagogue

Davidstern grün

... is the cultural center of Tel Aviv, a symbol of modern, open-minded, creative Israel, a place of flourishing life.

Kotel / Westmauer

We have preserved our (and our family’s) most precious personal Israel experiences in words and will continue to do so in the future. Whether:

Herz grün
Herz grün

Through these articles, we would like to share our heart and our point of view with you.

Herz grün

Or our true family story of the dramatic rescue of two families during the Holocaust and the Second World War

... here you will find self-experienced, authentic, personal stories from us.

If you would like to get to know us, have questions, would like personal recommendations and/or would like to support our work through donations

- you can find us here.




Israel Insights

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