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See Genezareth
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Haifa Israel
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Wüste Negev


Israel has a lot of famous attraction points. Probably everyone has heard of the Temple Mount and the Dead Sea.

But what we have compiled for you here, are the hand-picked places that have impressed and touched us

the most during our travels over the years and that you won't find in every travel guide.

With our Israel recommendations we present you places that will help you better understand, what is happening in Israel and will allow you to get closer to the essence of the Israelis.


3 x Davidstern
3 x Davidstern
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Let the words of the Bible from 1 Kings 8:41-43 and
1 Kings 9:3 resonate with you and experience this very special place with open minds.

1. The Western Wall (Wailing Wall) in the Old City of Jerusalem

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Here the dramatic years of origin of the modern state of Israel and the 1948 War of Independence come to life through representative individual stories.

2. The Palmach Museum in Tel Aviv

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Ein Ort seltener Naturschönheit. Genießen Sie die überwältigenden Eindrücke.

3. Wadi Avdat in the north of the Negev desert

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Book a visit with Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel and experience the special pioneering spirit that is charac-teristic for Israel.

4. The Arugot Farm in Judea

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... takes you back in time to 2000 years ago. You will go out on the lake in a boat comparable to that of Jesus' life-time. Listen and enjoy the beautiful, timeless songs of Daniel.

5. Daniel Carmel's Worship-Boat on the Sea of Galilee

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... conveys the incredible events during the 6-Day War of 1967 and the reunification of Jerusalem.

6. The Ammunition Hill Museum in northeast Jerusalem

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Be amazed by the elegance and beauty of the synagogue which had been destroyed three times and which is a testimony to the Israelis' unswerving will to rebuild.

7. The Hurva Synagogue in Jerusalem

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... tells the story of the settlements in the biblical heartland of Judea (West Bank)

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... in the Old City of Jerusalem, you will find valuable books, maps and Judaica. With the owner, Moshe Kempinski, you will meet a man who has a special history and the ability to explain history and the Bible with a lot of love and depth.

9. In the Shorashim store, in the square in front of the Hurva Synagogue

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... is the cultural center of Tel Aviv, a symbol of modern, open-minded, creative Israel, a place of flourishing life.

Our Israel Travel Recommendations

We have grouped the sights geographically so that you can immediately see which highlights are close to each other and plan your individual trip to Israel more easily.

In our descriptions of the attractions, we briefly explain their relevance and recommend websites where you can find more information. The picture is rounded off with accompanying photographs on our Impressions page. All places can also be found on the Google Maps map (which we have set up for each region).

Whether an individual trip, pilgrimage or educational trip - discover this fascinating country with our Israel travel recommendations.


If you are interested in a guided tour in 2024/2025, please get in touch with us. If we receive a sufficient number of inquiries, we will also organize and offer Israel tours ourselves.

We have listed the two most important, most representative and at the same time most contrasting cities Jerusalem and Tel Aviv separately. All other places are included in the regions.

Jerusalem - Keys to the history of Israel

•    Friends of Zion Museum
•    Ammunition Hill
•    Yad Vashem
•    Israel Museum

Jerusalem - Places of worship, Jewish religion

•    Western Wall
•    Temple Mount
•    Hurva Synagogue

Jerusalem - experience current life & learn more

•    City Wall
•    Shorashim Shop
•    Israel Today Agency
•    Jerusalem Theater

Jerusalem - Accommodation & catering

•    Hotel Bezalel
•    Restaurant Margo

Jerusalem Highlights

Davidstern blau

Tel Aviv Highlights

Davidstern blau

Tel Aviv - Keys to the history of Israel

•    Palmach Museum
•    Independence Hall

Tel Aviv - experience current life & learn more

•    Habima Square

•    Neve Tzedek

Highlights in the North of Israel

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The North - Keys to the history of Israel

•    Golan Heights

The North - Places of worship

•    Worship Boat

The North - Natural beauty

•    Sea of Galilee
•    Mount Arbel

Highlights on Israel's Mediterranean Coast

Davidstern blau

The Mediterranean coast - Keys to the history of Israel

•    Atlit Museum

The Mediterranean coast - experience current life & learn more

•    Haifa
•    Zichron Ya'acov
•    Kibbutz Beth El

Highlights in Judea & Samaria

Davidstern blau

Judea - Keys to the history of Israel

•    Gush Etzion Museum

Judea - Places of worship, Jewish religion

•    House of prayer for all nations on the Arugot Farm

Judea - experience current life & learn more

•    Arugot Farm


Samaria - Keys to the history of Israel

•    Bethel

Highlights in the South of Israel

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The South - Keys to the history of Israel

•    Masada
•    Ben Gurion Desert Home Museum

The South - experience current life & learn more

•    Kfar Hanokdim desert camp

The South - Natural beauty

•    Dead Sea
•    Wadi Avdat
•    Negev Desert

Places, events and topics related to the Hamas massacre on October 7, 2023 in Israel's border region

The Legacy of October 7th

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Israel Highlights by Region and Topic

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