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Davidstern grün
Davidstern grün
Ada Schiel - Eine besondere Frau

by Brigitte B. Nussbächer

A true story of friendship and about a timeless mission ...
... about a woman who durig the Holocaust saved the lives of her Jewish friends. 

After the war, the Jews saved their friend from deportation to Siberia.

Israelkarte mit Flagge
Israelischer Soldet
Maya Goren

On the last evening of our visit to Israel in wartime, in April 2024, we have a special encounter that leaves a mark on our souls and brings with it a legacy.

This article is the fulfillment of our promise.

Sonnenaufgang in der Wüste Negev
Altar aus Steinen

by Brigitte B. Nussbächer

The story of light in the darkness, the triumph of a minority and of miracles against all odds.

Chanukkia Luchter vor der Klagemauer
Westmauer / Klagemauer Jerusalem

Israel - Recent Travel Experience             

by Brigitte B. Nussbächer

The Caleb Report: Even though not all developments are positive, Israel remains a special land full of promises and fulfilled prophecies!

God’s blessing is still tangible – He stands by the covenant with His people!

Einsamme Soldaten in der IDF

by Hans Christian Rössler

In the Israel Defense Forces serve over 6000 lonely soldiers who live far from their biological families. About half of them come from abroad. They voluntarily leave relatives, friends and a comfortable, mostly safe life and are filled with the motivation to serve and support Israel.

Vergebende Hände

by Brigitte B. Nussbächer

A true story of father and daughter: no matter how long a relationship was destroyed and seems lost, there is always - as long as a person lives - the possibility of forgiveness and finding to each other.


We would like to share our most important experiences with you through our reports and articles. Through these articles, you will travel with us to Israel, celebrate biblical festivals and immerse yourself in the history of Israel. We will share our views on current events with you and let you see our heart through our personal experiences. Through all of this, we want to make it easier for you to access Israel and build a bridge to the people of Israel.

At the same time, every Israel article should also be an "altar of gratitude", a monument to important experiences and events and a pillar of encouragement for dark times - both for ourselves and for you.

There is an incredible amount to report. You can already look forward to discovering more and more pieces of the Israel puzzle through our articles over time.

In terms of content, our Israel articles cover the following main topics:

The "Current Travel Experience - The Caleb Report" describes our Jerusalem experience in March 2023. The effect of our prayers at the Western Wall, the miracle we experienced, the encounters with old and new friends and very practical travel tips.

"How we Experienced the Miracle of Israel" summarizes the findings of several trips to Israel and gives an overview of the highlights we discovered throughout the country.

Davidstern grün
Davidstern grün

Travel Reports Israel

"Forgiveness on the Edge of Eternity" (Yom Kippur) describes the life-changing experience of reconciliation. What taking responsibility and proactivity set in motion and what blessings resulted from it. A very personal experience!

"Chanukah - Miracles of Light" (Chanukah) not only describes the historical background and various dimensions of the original miracle, but also how it became a beacon of hope over the centuries. The fatal consequences of internal disputes are illuminated, as are the miracles through which God repeatedly rebuilt his people.

Davidstern grün
Davidstern grün

Biblical Feasts & Topics

"The Second Chance" (85 years since Kristallnacht). Prehistory, events and reactions of the world public to the massacre on October 7th, 2023 in comparison to the events of Kristallnacht 1939. The active and passive complicity, the silence of the crowd and the church and, in contrast, the decisions and actions of individuals who today are called "Righteous of the Nations" by Israel.

"Never Again - a Promise with Substance?" (International Holocaust Remembrance Day) explores the current forms of anti-Semitism that have developed despite all intentions and against all vows. How classic and Israel-related hatred of Jews is disguised as legitimate social criticism or criticism of Israel and how anti-Semitic stereotypes are transferred to Israel as a state. About boycotts, resolutions, demonstrations and lawsuits.

Davidstern grün
Davidstern grün

Contemporary Events in Connection with Historical Parallels

"Whoever Blesses Israel will be Blessed". (World War II/ Holocaust). The Friends of Zion Museum houses the stories of many individuals who stood up for the people of Israel. This is the true story of a woman who used her home to hide and save a Jewish family during the Second World War.

Davidstern grün

Historical Events Israel

"Altars of Gratitude". Our website and my articles are altars of words. They are meant to visualize what a life-changing experience it has been for us to get to know Israel and to be pillars of encouragement for dark times. I want to give thanks for all the blessings I have experienced in my life and create a reminder of these experiences.

Davidstern grün

Personal Experiences & Motivation

We wish you a good and enriching reading!

Davidstern grün
Israelfahne vvor dem Toten Meer

by Brigitte B. Nussbächer

We have perceived with our own eyes in Israel how God stands by His people. We have seen with facts and figures how the statements of the Bible become reality and we have experienced God's promises coming true everywhere in Israel today.

Holocaust Gedenken

by Brigitte B. Nussbächer

85 years have passed since the Holocaust. Years in which it was often said: "Never again".
But the reality is different: Hostility towards Jews is on the rise worldwide and has many facets.
What is our stance on Israel?
Do we fill Holocaust Remembrance Day with meaning by standing up for Israel?

Die zweite Chance

by Brigitte B. Nussbächer

Will we realize that this is our chance to show that we have learned from the past?
Will we be willing to stand up for Israel?

Will we be among those who make a difference?

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