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Israelkarte mit Flagge
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Israelischer Soldet
Platz der Geiseln

Impressions from our journey to Israel in April 2024

The wounds left by Hamas' barbaric attack have still not healed six months later. There are still 134 hostages in the hands of the terrorists, Hamas has still not been defeated. We meet people and share their stories. Because that is their greatest concern: the world must not forget ...

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Spenden für Israel

Long-lasting - True to life - Loving

  • We support families of hostages, terror victims and evacuees with donations

  • We subsidize protective equipment and therapeutic treatment for traumatized IDF soldiers

  • We help evacuated women from Israel's destroyed villages who give birth to children during this time without a home

  • We organize Israel events in German-speaking countries

  • We publish articles that help put current events as well as timeless topics into context

Anyone, who wants to be a blessing to God's people in need, is most welcome to make a very valuable contribution with their donation.

"Blessed be everyone that blesses Israel ..." Numbers 24,9

Heartfelt thanks in advance!

Of course, every donor receives a donation receipt from us at the end of the year without request.

Prayer Protection Group for Israel

After the massacre from October 7, 2023 in Israel, we initiated an international Whatsapp group (in English). We pray unitedly around the clock for Israel according to Isaiah 62:6 "Upon your walls, Jerusalem, I have appointed watchmen. All day and all night they will not be silent for a moment ... until He raises up Jerusalem ⟨again⟩ and until He makes it a praise on earth!"

The content is exclusively related to the current situation in Israel and the only goal of this group is to bless, love, comfort and practically support God's chosen people Israel.
If you would like to get more information about this group or if you would like to join please contact us via email:

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