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Wüste Negev
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Originally a palace fortress of Hero, on a summit plateau on the edge of the Judean Desert, high above the Dead Sea, the site became a symbol of the Jewish will to assert themselves and to be free. In 66 AD, during the uprising against the Romans, nearly 1000 Jewish rebels led by Eleazar Ben Jair entrenched themselves in the fortress. In 72 A.D., after an eight-month siege, (during which the conditions for conquest had been created with an outer wall, eight military camps and a ramp from the land side), the Romans launched a massive attack and tore a breach in the fortification. In this desperate situation, the hopelessly outnumbered Jews decided to commit collective suicide because they preferred death to enslavement. Who visits the fortress today will enjoy the gigantic view over the Dead Sea to the Jordanian mountains, especially at sunrise.

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Wüstencamp Kfar Hanokdim


After Israel returned the Sinai to Egypt in 1982, many people felt a longing for the special atmosphere of the peninsula. The founder of Kfar Hanokdim, thought it possible to recreate this atmosphere within Israel's borders: the direct contact with untouched nature, the treks and the encounters with the people of the desert. Into the construction of the village the love for the desert has gone and with it, the desire to understand the life of the Bedouin and to explore the unique fauna and flora. Here everyone can approach the desert in a personal way and gain insight. Kfar Hanokdim offers hospitality on a high level: picturesque guest rooms, Bedouin tents made of goat hair, spacious huts made of local natural stone and nicely furnished alcoves invite you to stay. No one who has experienced an evening and a sunrise here will forget the unique atmosphere.

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Totes Meer


Enjoy weightlessness and the healthy minerals of the Dead Sea at Neve Zohar - a well-kept spa on the southern Dead Sea. The Premier Spa Boutique offers a wealth of choices of high quality products.

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Ben Gurion Desert Home


On May 14, 1948, David Ben-Gurion, a dynamic, visionary leader, formally announced the establishment of the state of Israel in the Independence Hall in Tel Aviv. He became Israel's first prime minister and remained so for years. His tenure included: the Israeli War of Independence, the reclamation and development of the land, and the settlement of Jews from around the world. For him, Kibbutz Sde Boker was a "pioneering enterprise" that fulfilled his Zionist vision of settling the Negev and "making the desert bloom." The house on the edge of the Negev Desert reflects Ben-Gurion's personality and worldview, revealing his beliefs and principles. A good way to get to know Israel's founding father.

Wadi Avdat Wüste Negev


En Avdat is located near Sde Boker in the Northern Negev and offers spectacular images. Water has cut a deep gorge in the white, soft limestone over centuries. The rock layers rise almost vertically, framing a narrow rivulet running through the lower part of the canyon. In the middle section, a large pool opens in a side arm, fed by a small waterfall. In the silence, the impressions are all the more overwhelming. The hike is a unique experience.

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Kfar Azza


The kibbutz was founded in August 1951 by Jewish refugees from Egypt and Morocco and is located on the border with Gaza. During the massacre on October 7, Kfar Azza was one of the most devastated places. More than a hundred civilians were murdered and many were abducted. Houses and cars were destroyed with bazookas or set on fire. Six months later, it is a gloomy and devastated site where no one lives anymore with an uncertain future, a kind of living museum. A visit here can only be made with special permission or in the company of a former local.

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Nova Festival


The Supernova Sukkot Gathering open-air festival was held at the end of the annual Feast of Tabernacles. It is an alternative cultural festival for "friends, love and infinite freedom". On the morning of October 7, 2023, Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel. Terrorists entered the site with pick-ups, motorcycles, quads and motorized paragliders. The air raid shelters became death traps. 364 people were killed, raped, mutilated and burned; around forty were kidnapped and many more injured. Six months later, the whole site looks like a huge cemetery with pictures of the murdered, flowers, flags and some with stories. A little further away, trees have been planted for the fallen.

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Kerem Shalom


The name Kerem Shalom was given to the kibbutz, because when it was founded, the members thought, that this place would play a role in brokering peace between the Palestinians and Israel. The kibbutz is located 30 meters from the border with the Gaza Strip and one kilometer from Egypt. A special characteristic of the kibbutz was, that both secular and religious Jews lived here. During the Hamas terror attack, the kibbutz was able to defend itself relatively successfully compared to others: only 2 members of the kibbutz emergency force were killed. Six months after the attack, all residents are still evacuated.

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